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1.18: Using a Matrix

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Using a Matrix

1. Here is a matrix that we have begun to fill in for you:

2. In Square #1 we put words that have both [d] and [t] sounds, like voted. Find the one word below that has both a [d] and a [t] and copy it into Square #1 beneath the word voted:


3. In Square #2 we put words like write that have a [t] but do not have a [d]. Find the word below that does have a [t] but does not have a [d] and copy it into Square #2 beneath the word write:


4. What word is in Square #3? __________.

5. Does it have a [d]? __________ Does it have a [t]? __________.

6. Be ready to talk about these questions:

Why do we put holiday in Square #3?

Why do we put laugh in Square #4?

7. Copy these words into the correct squares in the matrix:


7. What direction do columns go on the page? __________

8. What direction do rows go on the page? __________

Word Scrambles. Unscramble these letters to spell some of the words in this lesson. Some of them are quite hard, so don't be afraid to look over the word lists in this lesson for clues:

dudens __________

dusty __________

dowart __________

trafe __________

driftneef __________

remunb __________

ardob __________

dahoily __________

lahug __________

prerussi __________

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