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1.19: Practice with Matrixes

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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Practice with Matrixes

1. Two ways of spelling [d] are ______ and ______.

2. Two ways of spelling [t] are ______ and ______.

3. Read these words carefully. Listen for the sounds [d] and [t]. Then sort the words into the matrix. Be careful! When you get done, one square should still be empty:

\begin{align*}& \text{after} && \text{between} && \text{didn't} && \text{drifting} \\ & \text{bottle} && \text{lasted} && \text{bottom} && \text{hotter} \\ & \text{around} && \text{hidden} && \text{board} && \text{study} \\ & \text{daddy} && \text{toward} && \text{behind} && \text{different}\end{align*}

4. List the words from the matrix that contain both [t] and [d]:

5. List the words that contain [t] but no [d]:

6. List the words that contain [d] but no [t]:

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