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Sometimes a Vowel, Sometimes a Consonant: <y>

1. Fill in the blanks. Don't forget the pointed brackers: The letters _______, _______, _______, and _______ are always vowels.

2. We can use the same word in different ways. For example, the word blue sometimes means a color, and sometimes it means “sad.” We can also use the same letter in different ways. For example, three letters are sometimes used as vowels and sometimes as consonants. One of them is the letter <y>.

The letter <y> is a consonant when it spells the sound it spells in the word yes. When it spells any other sound, it is a vowel.

3. Listen to the sound the <y> is spelling or helping to spell in these words. Then sort the words into the two groups below:

 & \text{gym} && \text{yard} && \text{years} && \text{every} \\& \text{type} && \text{you} && \text{they} && \text{why} \\& \text{beyond} && \text{someday} && \text{puppy} && \text{yellow}

4. Fill in the blanks: The four letters that are always vowels are _______, _______, _______, and _______.

5. One letter that is sometimes a vowel and sometimes a consonant is _______.

Watch the Middles! Fill in the blanks the way we have with beyond. As you read and write the word parts, spell them out to yourself, letter by letter.

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