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1.24: Long and Short Vowel Patterns: VCV and VCC

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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Long and Short Vowel Patterns: VCV and VCC

1. Write the short vowel sounds. Remember the two short \begin{align*}<\text{u}>\end{align*}<u> sounds. We've given you a start:

[a] _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

2. Now write the long vowel sounds. Remember the two long \begin{align*}<\text{u}>\end{align*}<u> sounds:

[ā] _____ _____ _____ _____ _____

3. Find the first vowel letter in each of the following words and mark it <v>. Then mark the next two letters. Mark consonant letters with a <c>. and mark vowel letters with a <v>:

\begin{align*}&\text {mask}&&\text {back}&& \text {came}&& \text {cube}\\ &\quad \text {vcc}\\ \\ &\text {kicker}&&\text {write}&& \text {those}&& \text {home}\\ \\ &\text {rented}&&\text {scratched}&& \text {left}&& \text {these}\\ \\ &\text {bottle}&&\text {still}&& \text{rules}&& \text{often}\end{align*}maskvcckickerrentedbottlebackwritescratchedstillcamethoseleftrulescubehometheseoften

4. Sort the words into these two groups:

5. Now sort the words into this matrix:

6. Fill in the blanks with the words “long” or “short”: In the words in this matrix, the vowels in the pattern VCC are __________, but in the pattern VCV the first vowels are __________.

Word Find. The Find below is shaped like a VCV because each of the twenty words in it contains a long vowel in the VCV pattern:

\begin{align*}&\text {write}&& \text {cube}&&\text {hide}&&\text {open}&& \text {while}\\ &\text {same}&& \text {home}&& \text {make}&& \text {close}&& \text {like}\\ &\text {those}&&\text {these}&& \text {use}&& \text {those}&& \text {life}\\ &\text {rule}&& \text {ride}&& \text {music}&& \text {whose}&& \text {theme}\end{align*}writesamethoserulecubehometheseridehidemakeusemusicopenclosethosewhosewhilelikelifetheme

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