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1.3: Sometimes a Vowel, Sometimes a Consonant: < w >

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

Sometimes a Vowel, Sometimes a Consonant: <w>

1. Fill in the blank: One letter that is sometimes a vowel and sometimes a consonant is _______. (Did you remember the pointed brackets?)

2. Two other letters that are sometimes vowels and sometimes consonants are <w> and <\text{u}>. The letter <w> is usually a consonant. It is a vowel only when it teams up with an <\text{a}>, <e>, or <o> to spell a single sound — as in the words draw, few, and low. So the letter <w> is a vowel only in the two-letter teams <aw>, <ew>, and <ow>.

Everywhere else <w> is a consonant: It is a consonant when it spells the sound it does at the front of way. And it is a consonant when it teams up with <r> and <h> — as in write and who.

3. Listen to the sound the <w> is spelling or helping spell in each of these words. Then sort the words into the two groups below:

& \text{away} && \text{what} && \text{below} && \text{went} \\& \text{saw} && \text{write} && \text{would} && \text{new} \\& \text{yellow} && \text{women} && \text{few} && \text{white}

4. Each word in Column 1 below contains a <w> or a <y>. Sometimes the <w> or <y> is a consonant, sometimes a vowel. Spell each word in Column 1 backwards and you will get a new word. Write these new words in Column 2. Then put a check mark after each word that contains a <w> or <y> that is a vowel. We've given you a start:

Column 1 Column 2
was saw \surd
dray \surd yard
Column 1 Column 2

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