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1.9: Writing Letters and Sounds

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Writing Letters and Sounds

1. When we talk about letters, we put them inside pointed brackets, like this: <e>, <l>, \begin{align*}<\text{s}>\end{align*}<s>. And we call letters by their alphabet names: “ee,” “ell,” “ess.”

But when we talk about sounds, we put them inside square brackets, like this: [e], [l], [s]. And we call sounds by names that sound just like the sounds themselves:

The sound [e] is “eh.”

The sound [l] is “ll.”

The sound [s] is “ss.”

2. Draw a single line under each sound. Draw a double line under each letter:

\begin{align*}[\text{e}] \ <\text{e}> \ <\text{p}> \ [\text{t}] \ [\text{r}] \ <\text{m}> \ [\text{i}] \ <\text{q}> \ [\text{k}] \ [\text{j}] \ <\text{j}> \end{align*}[e] <e> <p> [t] [r] <m> [i] <q> [k] [j] <j>

3. In the word enough you see the letters _______, _______, _______, _______, _______, and _______.

4. In the word thought you see the letters _______, ______, ______, _______, ______, _______, and _______.

5. Which is the first sound you hear in surprise _______ \begin{align*}<\text{s}>\end{align*}<s> or [s]? _______

6. Which is the last sound you hear in could _______ <d> or [d]? _______

7. Is [l] called “ell” or “ll”? _______

8. Is <m> called “em” or “mm”? _______

9. In the word else are the sounds you hear <e>, <l>, and \begin{align*}<\text{s}>\end{align*}<s>, or [e], [l], and [s]? _______, _______, and _______.

10. In the word sell you hear the sounds _______, _______, and _______.

11. In the word less you hear the sounds _______, _______, and _______.

Word Changes. Follow the directions very carefully! Each time you make the changes you are told to, you will spell a new word. Write the new words in the blanks on the right. When you get done, you should be able to fill in the blanks and answer the riddle. We've given you a little bit of a start:

  1. Write the word queen in the blank: queen
  2. Take away the last three letters and put <ick> in their place: __________
  3. Change the first consonant to a <d> and take away the vowel in front of the <c>: __________
  4. Change the first consonant to a <t> and put an <r> in front of the \begin{align*}<\text{u}>\end{align*}<u>: __________
  5. Change the vowel to the ninth letter in the alphabet: __________

Riddle: If you fool somebody fast, it's called a \begin{align*}\frac{}{\text{Word} \ \# 2}\ \frac{}{\text{Word} \ \# 5}\end{align*}Word #2 Word #5.

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