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10.1: Words with <dle> and <ddle>

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Words with <dle> and <ddle>

1. Read these words aloud carefully:

\begin{align*}& \text{huddle} && \text{cradle} && \text{saddle} && \text{handle} \\ & \text{eddies} && \text{needle} && \text{meddle} && \text{suddenness} \\ & \text{pudding} && \text{addict} && \text{candle} && \text{middle} \\ & \text{odds} && \text{kindle} && \text{bundle} && \text{shuddered} \\ & \text{poodle} && \text{idle} && \text{riddle} && \text{noodle}\end{align*}

2. Now sort these twenty words into these two groups:

3. Look at the six words that do not end <dle> or <ddle>. Mark the first vowel in each of them with a ‘v’. Then mark the next two letters, either ‘c’ or ‘v’.

You should find one pattern. What pattern is it? _________. According to this pattern, _____ should the first vowel be long or should it be short? _________ In these six words is the first vowel always long or is it short? ___________

4. In the VCCle pattern the vowel is _________, but in the VCle pattern the vowel is _________.

5. Now sort the fourteen words that end either <dle> or <ddle> into the following matrix:

5. When there is <le> right after a [d] and a consonant or long vowel sound right in front of it, the [d] is spelled _________. But when there is <le> right after a [d] and a short vowel sound right in front of it, the [d] is spelled _________.

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