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10.2: Sometimes [d] is Spelled <ed>

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Sometimes [d] is Spelled <ed>

1. You have learned that the suffix -ed adds the meanings “in the past” and “action completed” to verbs. You have also learned that it is pronounced different ways at the end of different verbs. For instance, in dished the -ed is pronounced [t], and in adopted it is pronounced [id]; in shoveled it is pronounced [d].

2. Pronounce each of the following past tense verbs carefully. Listen to how the -ed is pronounced in them. Then sort them into the three groups indicated below:

\begin{align*}& \text{radioed} && \text{elapsed} && \text{disappointed} && \text{knocked} \\ & \text{settled} && \text{huddled} && \text{collected} && \text{crowded} \\ & \text{divided} && \text{disturbed} && \text{attended} && \text{sobbed} \\ & \text{pronounced} && \text{addressed} && \text{scribbled} && \text{employed} \\ & \text{grouped} && \text{governed} && \text{acknowledged} && \text{disarmed}\end{align*}

3. In many past tense verbs -ed is pronounced [d]. So at the end of many past tense verbs [d] is spelled _____. So far you have seen three different ways of spelling [d]. They are _________, _________, and _________.

4. In four words [d] is spelled <ld>. The word solder is pronounced [sodər]. Hundreds of years ago the <l> was pronounced, but not anymore. Solder comes from the Latin word solidus, which means “solid.” Our solid comes from this same solidus. So solder and solid are close relatives: When you solder something, you make it solid. And notice that you can hear the <l> in solid, though not in solder, so in solder [d] is spelled <ld>.

How is [d] spelled in could, should, and would? _________. For hundreds of years the <l> in these words was pronounced too, but in time people stopped pronouncing it.

5. Except for the words _______, _______, _______, and _______, the sound [d] is spelled either _______, _______, or _______.

Word Find. This Find contains twenty-two of the words you have been working with that contain the sound [d]. As you find them, sort them into the groups described below the Find:

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