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10.21: Review of <kn> and <gn>

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Review Of <kn> And <gn>

1. Here are the words from the previous lesson in which [n] is spelled <kn>.

\begin{align*}& \text{knows} && \text{foreknowledge} && \text{knave} && \text{knee} && \text{knell} \\ & \text{knelt} && \text{unknown} && \text{kneel} && \text{knead} && \text{knoll} \\ & \text{known} && \text{knower} && \text{knight} && \text{knit} && \text{knot} \\ & \text{knowable} && \text{knowledge} && \text{knife} && \text{knock}\end{align*}

The <kn> is always in the same place in the element it is in. Is <kn> always at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of its element? ____________

2. The word acknowledge also has [n] spelled <kn>. Acknowledge contains a prefix, a base, and a suffix: ac + know + ledge. Is the <kn> in acknowledge in the same place in its element that the <kn> is in in the nineteen words above? ____________

3. Here are some words in which [n] is spelled <gn>. Look carefully at where the <gn> is in its element in each of them:

\begin{align*}& \text{design} && \text{campaign} && \text{reign} \\ & \text{sign} && \text{gnash} && \text{resign} \\ & \text{foreign} && \text{gnat} && \text{gnu}\end{align*}

You should find that the <gn> spelling of [n] always occurs in one of two places in the element it is in. What are the two places? _____________________________________________


Word Flow. In this Word Flow you can make more than fifty words that contain [n] spelled <n>, <nn>, <gn>, or <kn>. See how many you can make. When you are done, you should be able to find the fifteen words you need to fill in the blanks in the three groups listed below the Find.

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