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10.8: Review of [m], [n], and Eng

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Review of [m], [n], and [ŋ]

1. You can hear the sound [m] at the beginning and end of the word mom. You can hear [n] at the beginning and end of none. You can hear the sound [ŋ] at the end of song. The sound [ŋ], called eng, does not occur at the beginning of English words.

Each of the following words contains one or more of the three sounds [m], [n], or [ŋ]. Underline the letters that spell them:


2. Sort the fifteen words into these three groups. Two words will go into more than one group:

3. Two ways of spelling [m] are _____ and _____. Three ways of spelling [n] are _____ and _____, and _____. Two ways of spelling [ŋ] are _____ and _____.

Word Squares. The following Squares is made up of the fifteen words listed in Item 1, all of which contain the sounds [n] and [ŋ]:

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