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11.1: Deleting Final <e> in Stems that End Ve#

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Deleting Final <e> in Stems that End Ve#

1. Final <e> Deletion Rule. You delete a final <e> that marks a soft <c> or soft <g> only when you add a suffix that begins with the letters __________, __________, or ___________; you delete all other silent final <e>'s whenever you add a suffix that starts with any __________.

2. Here are some free stems and suffixes for you to add together to practice final <e> deletion:

Free Stem + Suffix = Word
rhyme + ing =
analyze + ed =
arrive + al =
immune + ize =
marriage + able =
chocolate + y =
motorcyle + ist =
disguise + ing =
complete + ed =
concrete + ion =
supportive + ness =
breathe + ing =
mortgage + able =
mortgage + ed =
exercise + ing =

3. So far you've worked with final <e> deletion only with words that have a consonant right in front of the final <e> — like the <c> in pronounce or the <m> in rhyme. But words that end with the pattern Ve#, like true and dye, have a vowel right in front of the final <e>. When we add a suffix that starts with a vowel to words with the Ve# pattern, different things can happen.

For instance, below are some words whose stems end in the Ve# pattern <oe>#. We have analyzed them into their stems and suffixes. Mark any final <e> deletion that took place and then write either “Yes” or “No” in the right hand column as we have done with the first one:

Words = Stem + Suffix Did final <e> deletion occur?
toed = to\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ed Yes
hoeing = hoe + ing
hoer = hoe + er
canoeing = canoe + ing
canoed = canoe + ed
canoeist = canoe + ist
horseshoer = horseshoe + er
horseshoeing = horseshoe + ing

4. When you add a suffix that starts with a vowel to a stem that ends <oe>, you do NOT delete the final <e> if the suffix starts with the letter. Otherwise, you do delete the final <e>, just as the Final <e> Deletion Rule says.

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