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11.11: How Do You Spell [r] ?

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

How Do You Spell [r] ?

1. There are four different ways of spelling [r]. Underline the letters that spell [r] in the following words, and you should find all four spellings:

& \text{breathing} && \text{recognize} && \text{reflection} && \text{surplus} \\& \text{acquire} && \text{remarried} && \text{terrify} && \text{surrender} \\& \text{rewrote} && \text{corrected} && \text{interest} && \text{winter} \\& \text{wrong} && \text{alternate} && \text{interfere} && \text{referred} \\& \text{resignation} && \text{rhyme} && \text{area} && \text{arrived} \\& \text{written} && \text{interpret} && \text{pioneer} && \text{surround} \\& \text{rhinoceros} && \text{freedom} && \text{children} && \text{interrupt} \\& \text{reliance} && \text{wrappings} && \text{intermediate} && \text{liar}

2. Sort the words into these four groups. Some words will go into more than one group:

3. Now sort the twenty-three words in which [r] is spelled <r> into these three groups. Again, some words will go into more than one group:

5. Based on the sample of words in this lesson, [r] is most often spelled ________ or ________.

Word Histories. Colonel is a very odd word in that in it [r] is spelled <l>! Earlier colonel was pronounced more as it is spelled, [kolənel]. There was another closely related word spelled coronel and pronounced [kurənel]. For reasons that are not clear, the pronunciation of coronel became attached to the spelling of colonel. Except for its transferred pronunciation, the word coronel has disappeared, as has the original pronunciation of colonel.

A pronunciation has transferred from one word to another more than once in English. For instance, we used to have a verb pronounced [āk] and usually spelled ake; we also had ake‘s’ parnter noun pronounced [āch] and usually spelled ache. Over time the pronunciation of the verb became attached to the spelling of the noun, and the other spelling and pronunciation disappeared from our language. So now we have ache pronounced [āk] for both noun and verb.

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