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11.14: The Sound [r] and the VCC Pattern

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

The Sound [r] and the VCC Pattern

1.In the VCV pattern, the first vowel will usually be ________; but in the VCC pattern, the vowel will usually be _________.

Vowels before [r] are often pronounced differently from the way they are pronounced before other consonant sounds. This difference is most noticeable in VCV words in which the consonant is [r] spelled <r>. For instance, the <\text{a}> in dare spells a sound quite different from that spelled by the <\text{a}> in words like date, dame, and dale. In dare the <\text{a}> spells a sound close to [e] .

There is variation, too, in VCC strings in which the CC is <rr>. For instance, in some people's pronunciation the words merry and marry sound exactly alike, but in other people's pronounciation they sound different from one another.

2. Here are some words with <rr> in VCC patterns. Read them and pronounce them. Listen carefully to see if you can hear which short vowel is right in front of the [r]. Sometimes it can be a bit hard to decide, so don't be too discouraged if you have a little trouble with it. The spelling is a major clue:

& \text{narrow} && \text{marriage} && \text{merry} && \text{mirror} \\& \text{sorrow} && \text{error} && \text{carriage} && \text{terrible} \\& \text{sorry} && \text{borrow} && \text{carry} && \text{territory} \\& \text{marry} && \text{terrify} && \text{raspberry} && \text{arrow} \\& \text{terrace} && \text{narrative} && \text{horrible} && \text{cherry} \\& \text{tomorrow} && \text{sparrow} && \text{barrel} && \text{errand}

3. Sort the words into these four groups:

4. About 99 \;\text{times} out of a hundred [r] is spelled either <r> or <rr>. Most of the time [r] is spelled either ________ or _________.

5. You have worked with four different things that sometimes lead to <rr> in a word. The first one is simple addition. What are the other three?

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