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11.4: Lesson Four

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How Do You Spell Long <\text{i}>, [ī]?

1. You can hear the long <\text{i}> sound [ī] in the word ripe. Most of the time [ī] us spelled <\text{i}> in the regular long vowel patterns VCV, V.V, Ve#, and VCle. Find the <\text{i}> that spells [ī] in each of the following words. Mark the <\text{i}> and the letters after it to show which of these four patterns each word contains:

& \text{disguise} && \text{recognize} && \text{violence} && \text{idea} && \text{digest} \\& \text{tie} && \text{client} && \text{silence} && \text{pioneer} && \text{bible} \\& \text{trifle} && \text{exercise} && \text{appetite} && \text{finally} && \text{triumph} \\& \text{acquire} && \text{survival} && \text{annihilate} && \text{bridle} && \text{lie} \\& \text{bicycle} && \text{pie} && \text{title} && \text{horizon} && \text{variety}

2. Sort the twenty-five words into these four groups:

3. The next most common spelling of [ī] is <y> in the regular long vowel patterns VCV, V#, Ve#, V.V, and VCle. In each of the following words find the <y> that is spelling [ī] and mark the pattern that it is in:

& \text{analyze} && \text{cycle} && \text{unicycle} && \text{hygiene} && \text{typewriter} \\& \text{butterfly} && \text{multiply} && \text{rhyme} && \text{hyena} && \text{xylophone} \\& \text{dye} && \text{typist} && \text{qualify} && \text{terrify} && \text{denying} \\& \text{occupy} && \text{supply} && \text{testify} && \text{denying} && \text{tying} \\& \text{recycle} && \text{hyacinth} && \text{style} && \text{vying} && \text{identify}

4. Sort the words into the following five groups:

5. Both <\text{i}> and <y> often spell [ī] in the V.V pattern when certain suffixes are added to stems that end in <ie>, <ye>, or <y>. Find the letters that are spelling [ī] in the words below and mark the V.V pattern in each one. Then analyze each word into stem plus suffix to show how the V.V pattern comes about:

Word = Stem + Suffix
identifiable = identif\cancel{y} + i + able
multiplying =
liar =
drier =
qualifying =
dying =
identifiable =
reliance =
supplier =

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