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11.5: Long <i> and the VCC Pattern

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Long \begin{align*}<\text{i}>\end{align*} and the VCC Pattern

1. You have seen that one VCC pattern that regularly has a long vowel in front of it is the VCle pattern: bible, bridle, rifle. A similar but not so common case is the VCrV pattern. Find the letter that is spelling [ī] in the words below, mark it ‘v’, and then mark the next two letters after it either ‘v’ or ‘c’:

\begin{align*}\text{library} && \text{microscope} && \text{nitrogen} && \text{migrate} && \text{tigress} && \text{vibrate}\end{align*}

2. But long \begin{align*}<\text{i}>\end{align*} occurs in several other VCC patterns, too. Some of the following words have long \begin{align*}<\text{i}>\end{align*}; some have short \begin{align*}<\text{i}>\end{align*}. Mark the letter that is spelling [ī] or [i] in each ‘v’ and then mark the next two letters either ‘v’ or ‘c’:

\begin{align*}& \text{assigned} && \text{highway} && \text{thigh} && \text{resign} && \text{sights} \\ & \text{child} && \text{winter} && \text{brightly} && \text{delight} && \text{isle} \\ & \text{dignity} && \text{tighten} && \text{countersign} && \text{timber} && \text{knight} \\ & \text{building} && \text{island} && \text{resignation} && \text{blind} && \text{mankind} \\ & \text{climb} && \text{pint} && \text{wildly} && \text{kindness} && \text{taillight} \\ & \text{behind} && \text{window} && \text{children} && \text{remind} && \text{grind}\end{align*}

3. Sort the thirty words into these two groups:

4. Sort the words with long \begin{align*}<\text{i}>\end{align*} into the following seven groups:

5. Four of these combinations contain one or more silent consonant letters. List the four below:

6. These special cases of long \begin{align*}<\text{i}>\end{align*} in VCC patterns are due to changes that occurred in our language hundreds of years ago. There is little we can do except to try to remember them. Fortunately, only a few words contain them, not many more than in the list above.

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