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11.6: Digraph Spellings of Long < i >

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

Digraph Spellings of Long <\text{i}>

1. When two letters work together to spell a single sound, we call them a digraph. Long <\text{i}> is spelled by several different digraphs. Underline the letters that spell long <\text{i}> in each of the following words. Do not underline the <gh> in words like height:

& \text{fiery} && \text{bayou} && \text{stein} && \text{guy} \\& \text{either} && \text{geyser} && \text{sleight} && \text{feisty} \\& \text{height} && \text{buyer} && \text{neither} && \text{seisimic} \\& \text{aisle} && \text{eye} && \text{poltergeist} && \text{kaleidoscope}

2. You should have found six different digraph spellings of [ī] in these words. One digraph occurs in nine of the words. That digraph is ________. Write the nine words below:

3. Two digraphs each occur in two of the words. Those digraphs are ________ and _______. Write the two words with the first of these digraphs in the boxes below:

Write the two words with the second of these two digraphs below:

5. Three digraphs occur in only one word each. Those three digraphs are ______, ______, and ___________. The word with the first of these digraphs is _________. The word with the second digraph is _________. The word with the third is __________.

6. The <ie> spelling of [ī] often occurs at the boundary between a stem and suffix. Analyze each of the following words into its stem and suffix to show how the <ie> spelling of [ī] comes about:

Word = Stem + Suffix
tied = ti\cancel{e} + ed
skies =
dried =
supplies =
allies =
testified =
qualified =
trial =
occupies =
multiplied =

7. The most common spelling of [ī] is the letter _______. The second most common spelling of [ī] is the letter _________. Six other less common spellings of [ī] are the digraphs _______, ______, ______, _______, _______, and _____.

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