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12.18: Some More About < gh >

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

Some More About <gh>

1. You've seen that in a very few words [g] is spelled <gh>. But <gh> is not always pronounced [g]: Sometimes it is pronounced [f], and sometimes it is not pronounced at all. Carefully read the following words with <gh>. Be sure you know how each one is pronounced. Mark each word to show what the <gh> spells as we have done with ghastly, freight, and toughness. Use the zero sign, [\varnothing], if the <gh> is not pronounced at all.

& \text{ghastly} && \text{ghosts} && \text{roughen} && \text{ghoulish} && \text{eighth} && \text{overweight} \\& [g] \\& \text{freight} && \text{coughed} && \text{neighbor} && \text{tightest} && \text{delightful} && \text{ghetto} \\& \quad [\varnothing] \\& \text{toughness} && \text{enough} && \text{although} && \text{laughter} && \text{knight} && \text{height}\\& \qquad [f]

2. Sort the words into this matrix:

3. When <gh> comes at the beginning of an element, how is it pronounced? _________. When <gh> spells the sound [f], is it at the front, middle, or end of the element it is in? _________. When <gh> spells the sound [f], does it have a short vowel in front of it, or a long vowel? _________ If there is a long vowel sound right in front of <gh>, is it pronounced or not pronounced? _________.

Word Find. This Find contains at least twenty-three words that contain the spelling <gh>. As you find them sort them into the groups described below:

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