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12.4: Lesson Twenty-eight

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How Do You Spell Long <e>, [ē]?

1. The most important spelling of [ē] is <e>, almost always in the long patterns VCV and V.V. Underline the <e>'s that spell [ē] in each of the following words:

& \text{area} && \text{medium} && \text{ingredient} && \text{vehicle} && \text{interfere} \\& \text{allegiance} && \text{genius} && \text{hyena} && \text{realize} && \text{supreme} \\& \text{obedience} && \text{evil} && \text{intervene} && \text{region} && \text{serene} \\& \text{complete} && \text{idea} && \text{rearranged} && \text{evening} && \text{courteous} \\& \text{create} && \text{legal} && \text{rheostat} && \text{precede} && \text{reality} \\& \text{concrete} && \text{senior} && \text{theater} && \text{encyclopedia} && \text{intermediate}

2. Sort the thirty words into the following two groups:

3. The <e> spelling of [ē] occasionally occurs in two patterns other than the very common VCV and V.V. Mark the <e> spellings of [ē] in the words below as we have done with maybe, vehicle, secret, and theater. Watch for the patterns in maybe and secret.

& \text{maybe} && \text{secret} && \text{anemone} && \text{legal} \\& \qquad v\# && \ \ vcrv \\& \text{vehicle} && \text{theater} && \text{acne} && \text{recipe} \\& \ \ vcv && \quad v.v \\& \text{courteous} && \text{catastrophe} && \text{simile} && \text{egret} \\& \text{cathedral} && \text{she} && \text{allegiance} && \text{inebriated}

4. You should have found four words with [ē] spelled <e> in one pattern other than VCV or V.V, and you should have found seven words with [ē] spelled <e> in another pattern other than VCV or V.V. In the table below label the two columns with the proper patterns and sort the fourteen words into the two groups:

The three words with [ē] spelled <e> in the VCV pattern:

The two words with [ē] spelled <e> in the V.V pattern:

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