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13.11: Words That End in < c > and < ck >

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

Words That End in <c> and <ck>

1. Below are some words that end with the sound [k]. Underline the letters that spell the final [k] in each of them. Don't worry yet about the columns labeled ‘Sounds’:

Word Sounds Word Sounds Word Sounds Word Sounds
poetic wreck specific speck
struck athletic elastic enthusiastic
scientific quick zodiac check
knock sick economic sympathetic
traffic seismic schlock patriotic

2. Now pronounce each word carefully. Listen for the number of vowel sounds in each word. In the ‘Sounds’ columns write that number. Eight of the words have one vowel sound. Two have two vowel sounds. Five have three vowel sounds. Four have four vowel sounds, and one has five.

3. Now sort the twenty words into this matrix:

4. If a word ends in [k] with a short vowel sound in front of it, the [k] will usually be spelled either _____ or _____. If the word has only one vowel sound, the [k] will usually be spelled _____. If the word has more than one vowel sound, the [k] will usually be spelled _____.

5. The following words all contain two vowel sounds but still end in <ck>. Be ready to discuss why they can be analyzed to show that they actually do not contradict the conclusion that in words with only vowel sound final [k] will usually be spelled <ck>:

Word Analysis

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