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13.7: Review of Vowel and Consonant Patterns

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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Review of Vowel and Consonant Patterns

1. In each of the following words find the vowel letter marked with a v. Then mark the next two letters - v for a vowel, c for a consonant. If you come to the end of the word before you have marked all three letters, use the tic-tac-toe sign (#) to mark the end of the word:

confession  vccecstasyvlegal  vconsistent  vrhythmicvtissuevaccommodate  vdisagree  vmysticalvcollapsing  vzodiac  vcanoe vjudgement  vcourageous  vrepublican vsymbol  vacquired  vpicnic  villuminatevexcellingvcalculator  vequip  vacquiescevmaniac   v

In the words with the pattern vv# the second vowel is always the same letter. What letter is it? ___. For that reason we will call this the Ve# pattern.

2. Now sort the twenty-four words into the following matrix:

3. A vowel sound will usually be short if it is the first vowel in the patterns ________ or ________. A vowel sound will usually be long if it is the first vowel in the patterns ________ or ________.

4. Each of the following words contains two vowel letters side by side. Sometimes the two work together to spell a single vowel sound - as in play and gauze. Sometimes they spell two separate vowel sounds - as in diet and fluid.

Put a ‘1’ after words in which the two vowel letters spell a single sound and a ‘2’ after those in which they spell two separate sounds.

5. Sort the twenty words into these two groups:

6. In those words in which the two vowel letters spell two separate vowel sounds, is the first vowel sound long or is it short? ________

7. V.V. Rule. When two vowel sounds are side by side and spell two separate sounds, the first letter will spell a ________ vowel sound.

The period in ‘V.V’ is to remind us that there are two separate vowel sounds there.

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