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13.9: How Do You Spell [k]?

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How Do You Spell [k]?

1. The sound [k] is spelled many different ways. Underline the letters that you think are spelling [k] in the following words. Then write the letters that spell [k] in the blanks. You should find that [k] is spelled eleven different ways!

2. In spite of all these different spellings of [k], more than nine times out of ten [k] will be spelled either <c>, <k>, or <ck>. And we can usually predict which of these three spellings to choose. Underline the letters that spell [k] at the beginning of each of the following words:

\begin{align*}& \text{counterfeit} && \text{kitchen} && \text{crime} && \text{community} \\ & \text{calculate} && \text{critical} && \text{kindly} && \text{climate} \\ & \text{condemn} && \text{campaign} && \text{congress} && \text{capital} \\ & \text{key} && \text{clinic} && \text{kettle} && \text{conscience}\end{align*}

3. Sort the sixteen words into these two groups:

4. Underline the letter that comes right after the <c> or <k> in each of the sixteen words in Item 3 above. Then sort the words into this matrix:

5. In each of these words is the [k] sound at the beginning of the word, in the middle, or at the end? ________

6. You should have seen that each time a word starts with [k] with an \begin{align*}<\text{i}>\end{align*} or <e> right after it, the [k] is spelled <k>. Otherwise, [k] at the beginning of a word is spelled <c>. Have you ever seen a word begin with <ck>? ________ If you saw one, like maybe <ckurp>, wouldn't it look odd? ________

7. At the beginning of a word, [k] is never spelled _____; it is usually spelled _____ or _____. If the [k] has an \begin{align*}<\text{i}>\end{align*} or an <e> right after it, it is usually spelled _____; otherwise, it is usually spelled _____.

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