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14.16: Very Often [sh] is Spelled <t>

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Very Often [sh] is Spelled <t>

1. Although we usually think of <sh> as the way [sh] is spelled, actually it is most often spelled <t>. You can see and hear [sh] spelled <t> in the middle of the word nation.

In some of the following words [sh] is spelled <t>; in some it is spelled differently. Underline the letters that are spelling [sh] in each word:


2. Sort the words into these two groups:

3. The <t> spelling of [sh] is very common, but it only occurs in a certain place in a word. Here are a number of words that contain <t>. Sometimes the <t> spells [sh]; sometimes it does not. In the column labeled ‘<t> spells’ write out the sound that <t> spells in each word, as we have done with judgement and partial:

Words <t> spells Words <t> spells Words <t> spells
judgement [t] mustache association
partial [sh] conventional technical
affection initial proportion
traffic nonchalant examination
nation extension reception
impatience incorrect deletion
educated education appreciation

4. Sort the words from question #3 into this matrix:

5. In the words in his matrix does the letter <t> ever spell the sound [sh] at the front or the at the end of a word? _______

6. Whenever <t> spells [sh], where is it in the word? _______

7. The letter <t> never spells [sh] at the beginning or end of a word. It only spells [sh] somewhere in the middle. In fact, <t> only spells [sh] right at the boundary between the stem and a suffix, always.

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