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14.20: Lesson Forty-four

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Review of [k]

1. Each of the following words contains at least one [k] sound. Underline the letters that spell [k] in each word:

&\text{kinship} && \text{ecstatically} && \text{accommodation} && \text{acquittal}\\&\text{consciously} && \text{antique} && \text{acquired} && \text{technician}\\&\text{o'clock} && \text{sketchily} && \text{consequence} && \text{liquid}\\&\text{occurred} && \text{chemical} && \text{picturesque} && \text{collection}\\&\text{acquaintance} && \text{quickly} && \text{ankle} && \text{uniquely}\\&\text{architect} && \text{calculator} && \text{panicked} && \text{physique}\\&\text{consequential} && \text{donkey} && \text{accomplishment} && \text{rhythmically}\\&\text{recognized} && \text{stomach} && \text{occupational} && \text{provoking}

2. Sort the thirty-two words into the following groups. You should have found eight different spellings of [k]. We have written one of those spellings at the head of one of the columns in the table below. You are to write those spellings at the top of the columns. Some words go into more than one group. When you are finished, several of the blanks will be empty:

3. Analyze the following words to show the reason for the spelling of [k] in each:

Word = Analysis
occurred =
acquired =
panicked =
accommodation =
picnicking =
acquittal =

4. What sounds does <x> spell in each of the following words?

Word <x> spells

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