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14.22: Review of [sh]

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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Review of [sh]

1. Underline the letters that spell [sh] in each of the following words:

\begin{align*}&\text{kinship} && \text{assured} && \text{physician} && \text{two-dimensional}\\ &\text{nonchalantly} && \text{schwa} && \text{expression} && \text{technician}\\ &\text{accommodations} && \text{accomplishment} && \text{schlemiel} && \text{professional}\\ &\text{consequential} && \text{machine} && \text{shoulder} && \text{distinguish}\\ &\text{insurance} && \text{occupational} && \text{mustache} && \text{quotation}\\ &\text{unconsciously} && \text{demonstration} && \text{noruish} && \text{collections}\\ &\text{decoration} && \text{extension} && \text{constitution} && \text{racial}\end{align*}kinshipnonchalantlyaccommodationsconsequentialinsuranceunconsciouslydecorationassuredschwaaccomplishmentmachineoccupationaldemonstrationextensionphysicianexpressionschlemielshouldermustachenoruishconstitutiontwo-dimensionaltechnicianprofessionaldistinguishquotationcollectionsracial

2. You should have found eight different spellings of [sh], one of them being <t>. Label each of the columns below with one of the spellings, as we have done with the column labeled <t>. Then sort the words into the groups. Some words go into more than one group. Again, when you finish, several blanks will still be empty:

3. How is [sh] spelled in the word complexion? ______________________________


4. Where does the <sh> spelling of [sh] usually come in elements? ___________________


5. Where does the <t> spelling of [sh] come in words? __________________________



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