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15.18: The Set of Bases duce and duct

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

The Set of Bases duce and duct

1. In the set duce, duct, the base duce is bound; the base duct is free. We do not have a word spelled <duce>, but we do have the word duct.

Duce and duct are members of a set and work together in verbs and nouns the way ceive and cept do:

When you reduce something, it's called a reduction.

When you introduce someone, it's called an introduction.

Though it can be hard to see at times, duce and duct add a meaning like “lead, direct” to words: In introduce the prefix intro- means “into, inward,” and when you introduce someone to something, you do lead them into it. The original idea in reduce is one of leading back or leading down and making less.

2. Examine the following pattern and fill in the blanks:

Verbs Nouns Adjectives
deduce deduction deductive
induce induction
seduce seductive
reduce reductive
reproduction reproductive

In this array verbs take the base _______. Nouns and adjectives take the base _____________.

2. As you might expect that pattern, though strong and useful, is more complicated than it is in that array. Combine the following prefixes, bases, and suffixes to form words, showing any changes that take place when the elements combine. In the Part of Speech column show whether each word is a noun, verb, adjective, or adverb:

Elements Word Part of Speech
co\cancel{m}+ n + duct + ed conducted Verb
de + duct + ion
pro + duct + ive
in + duce + ment
intro + duce + ed
intro + duct + ion
pro + duce + er
pro + duct + ive + ity
un + pro + duct + ive
mis + com + duct
de + duce + ible
de + duct + ible
intro + duct + ory
com + duct + or
com + duce + ive
super + com + duct + or

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