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15.19: The Set of Bases cede, ceed, and cess

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The Set of Bases cede, ceed, and cess

1. Cede and cess are a set much like ceive and cept, and duce and duct:

When you concede something, you make a concession.

When the economy recedes, it is a recession.

The pattern for the bases in this set is much like those you've been working with, with one extra complication. Some of the words in this array are quite rare, but don't let that worry you; the important thing is to see the pattern:

2. In the array succeed, proceed, and exceed are different from the other verbs. What is the difference?____________________________________________

3. In this array the verbs are formed with the bases __________ and __________, and their nouns are formed with the base __________.

Cede and ceed are two different forms of the same base. When two forms like cede and ceed are so much alike in sound, meaning, and spelling, the little difference in spelling can be confusing. Since succeed, proceed, and exceed are the only verbs that contain the ceed form, the easiest thing to do is to remember the three. A mnemonic sentence can help:

If you proceed and do not exceed, you will succeed.

And some people remember the three with the use of a little diagram based on the word speed:

\begin{align*} &\mathbf{S}\text{ucceed} \\ &\mathbf{P}\text{roceed} \\ &\mathbf{E}\text{xceed}\\ &\text{E}\\ &\text{D} \end{align*}

The <spe> in speed can help you remember the first letters of the three verbs, and the <eed> in speed can help you remember that these three contain the form ceed.

3. Combine the following elements to form nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.

Elements Word Part of Speech
ex + ceed + ing + ly
ex + cess + ive + ly
re + cess + ive
ne + cess + ary
ante + cede + ent + s
ad + cess + ible
pro + ceed + ing + s
ne + cess + ity
se + cess + ion + ist
ne + cess + ary + ly

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