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15.2: Sometimes [s] is Spelled <ss>

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Sometimes [s] is Spelled <ss>

1. The sound [s] is most often spelled <s>, but it is often spelled <ss>. Underline the <ss> spellings of [s] in the following words. Don't worry for now about the check mark:

abyssassociatebussingforeignnessdissatisfactionvenerablenessassimilationcompressneighborlinessambassadorprocessormissileforgivenesscaressgassedmisscheduledrecessfussylionessmessengerdangerousness misspellingdissensionplusses

2. Two of the twenty-four words above have <ss> because of the full assimilation of the prefix ad- when it was added to a stem that started with <s>. List the two below in the Words column and then analyze them into prefix plus stem and show the full assimilation. As you do them check them off the list above:

Words Anlysis: Prefix + Stem
associate ad+ s + sociate

3. It is rare for <ss> to be due to twinning, for so few free bases end in a single <s>. But three of the twenty-four words above have <ss> due to twinning. List them below, analyze them to show the twinning, and cross them off of the list above:

Word Anlysis: Stem + Suffix

4. Four of the twenty-four words have <ss> due to simple addition when the prefix dis- or mis- was added to a stem that started with <s>. List them below, analyze them to show the simple addition, and cross them off of the list above:

Word Anlysis: Prefix + Stem

5. Although the sound [s] is never spelled <ss> at the beginning of words or elements, it is often spelled <ss> at the very end of words. Ten of the twenty-four words above end with <ss>. Five of them end with the same suffix. List those five below; analyze each into stem plus suffix or suffixes, and cross them of the list above:

Word Analysis: Stem + Suffix(es)

6. The remaining five words that end in <ss> all have short vowels right in front of the [s] so the <ss> spelling makes a regular VCC pattern. Write those five into the table below:

7. Also, there should be five words remaining on your list of twenty-four words that contain <ss> in the middle; all five have short vowels in front of the [s]. Write the five words below and mark the VCC pattern in each one:

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