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15.24: Sometimes [z] is < zz >, Sometimes < ss >

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

Sometimes [z] is <zz>, Sometimes <ss>

1. Underline the letters that spell [z] in the following words:

 &\text{blizzard} && \text{whizzed} && \text{quizzing} && \text{grizzly}\\&\text{sizzle} && \text{scissors} && \text{possess} && \text{brassiere}\\&\text{dessert} &&\text{puzzles} && \text{dizzy} && \text{possession}\\&\text{dissolve} &&\text{fezzes} && \text{dazzle} && \text{embezzle}

2. Sort the words into these two groups:

3. The sound [z] is spelled <ss> only rarely. In fact, the words above are just about all of the cases. Notice that the <ss> is always in the middle of the word.

4. The <zz> spelling of [z] is also rather rare. It is sometimes due to twinning, sometimes due to the VCC pattern, and it occurs between short vowels and <le>:

5. Some Other Spellings of [z]. In the Russian word czar, [z] is spelled <cz>. Another way of spelling this word is tsar, in which [z] is spelled <ts>. In the word asthma [z] is spelled <sth>. And the letter <x> at the beginning of words normally spells [z]:

 &\text{xerography} && \text{xenon} && \text{xylophone} && \text{xenophobia}

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