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16.18: How Do You Spell [w]?

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How Do You Spell [w]?

1. You can hear the sound [w] at the beginning of the word word. Underline the letters that spell [w] in the following words:


2. Analyze each of the words as directed in the formula. Key: ‘BB’ = Bound base, ‘FB’ = Free base, ‘BS’ = Bound stem, ‘FS’ = Free Stem, ‘P’ = Prefix, ‘S’ = Suffix:

Word Formula Analysis
waffles FB+S
afterward FS+S
waiters FB+S+S
between P+BS
waltzes FB+S
sweaty FB+S
weirdest FB+S
swallowing FB+S
wisdom BB+S
unworthy P+FB+S
witness BB+S
weathered FS+S
reweighed P+FB+S
unwillingly P+FB+S+S
twentieth FS+S
welfare BB+FB
twinkling FS+S
sweetheart FB+FB
notwithstanding FB+FB+FB+S
twelfth BS+S

4. Now sort the words into the following two groups:

5. In those seven words in which the [w] is not at the front of an element, it is part of a consonant cluster. Do these clusters come at the front of elements in these words? ___________.

6. When [w] is spelled <w>, the <w> either comes at the ___________ of an element or it is in a consonant cluster that comes at the ___________ of an element.

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