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16.7: How Do You Spell [j]?

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

How Do You Spell [j]?

1. You can hear the sound [j] at the beginning and end of the word judge. Underline the letters that spell [j]. Don't include any silent final <e>'s in your underlining. You should find four different spellings:

&\text {object}&& \text {juicy }&& \text {judgement}&& \text {adjust}\\&\text {acknowledge}&& \text {majestic}&& \text {pajamas}&& \text {justify}\\&\text {budget}&& \text {courageous}&& \text {hygiene}&& \text {energy}\\&\text {gymnasium}&& \text {grudge}&& \text {dejected}&& \text {prejudice}\\&\text {majesty}&& \text {gadget}&& \text {oxygen}&& \text {digestion}\\&\text {wreckage}&& \text {adjective}&& \text {journalist}&& \text {messenger}

2. Sort the words into these four groups:

3. Look at the words in which [j] is spelled either <g> or <dg>. Sort them into the following three groups:

You should have found that the <g> and <dg> spellings of [j] follow the normal pattern for soft <g>: They are always followed by either <e>, <\text{i}>, or <y>. The <dg> spelling is like a double soft <g>. It always has a short vowel in front of it, just as the VCC pattern calls for.

4. When there is a long vowel right in front of the [j], how is the [j] spelled, <g> or <dg>? _______. When there is a short vowel right in front of the [j], how is the [j] spelled, <g> or <dg>? _______. When the [j] is spelled <g>, which letters always follow the <g>?_______, _______, or _______. Does the spelling <j> usually come at the front, in the middle, or at the end of an element? __________ Does <dg> ever come at the front of a word? _______

5. The <dj> spelling of [j] is very rare. Find the two words from the list above in which [j] is spelled <dj>. Analyze them into prefix plus stem to show where the <dj> comes from:

Word with [j] spelled <dj> Analysis: Prefix + stem

6. Four ways of spelling [j] are _______, _______, _______, and _______.

acknowledge (8:31:1)

adjective (8:31:1)

adjust (8:31:1)

budget (8:31:1)

courageous (8:31:1)

dejected (8:31:1)

digestion (8:31:1)

energy (8:31:1)

gadget (8:31:1)

grudge (8:31:1)

gymnasium (8:31:1)

hygiene (8:31:1)

journalist (8:31:1)

judgement (8:31:1)

juicy (8:31:1)

justify (8:31:1)

majestic (8:31:1)

majesty (8:31:1)

messenger (8:31:1)

object (8:31:1)

oxygen (8:31:1)

pajamas (8:31:1)

prejudice (8:31:1)

wreckage (8:31:1)

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