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16.8: Sometimes [j] is Spelled < d >

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

Sometimes [j] is Spelled <d>

1. Another way of spelling [j] is due to the same kind of palatalization that you encountered in the various spellings of [sh]. Underline the letters that spell [j] in the following words:

&\text {gradual} && \text {schedule} && \text  {procedure} && \text {educate}\\&\text {pendulum} && \text {graduate} && \text {individual} && \text {arduous}\\&\text {fraudulent} && \text {residual} && \text {modulation} && \text {assiduous}

2. What letter always follows the <d> in these words? _____

3. Underline the letters that spell [j] in the following three words:

&\text {cordial} && \text {grandeur} && \text {soldier}

How does the setting in which <d> spells [j] in these three words differ from the setting in part 1 above?



4. Sort the following words into the two groups defined below:

&\text{graded} && \text {fraudulently} && \text {modulate} && \text {educated}\\&\text{gradual} && \text {defrauded} && \text{proceeded} && \text{reduced}\\&\text{pendulum}&& \text {resident} && \text{individual} && \text{arduous}\\&\text{dependent}&& \text {residual} && \text{undivided} && \text{yardage}

5. You have worked with five different ways to spell [j]. Write them in the left-hand column below, and in the right-hand column write a word that contains each of the spellings:

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