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2.2: The Pattern CVC#

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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The Pattern CVC#

1. In the pattern VCV the first vowel is _______________, but in the pattern VCC the vowel is _______________.

2. There is another pattern that contains a short vowel. But before we look at it, you must learn about the # sign: You can call # “the tic-tac-toe sign.” It means “End of the word.” When you are marking the <v>'s and <c>'s in a word and you come to the end of the word, you sometimes use the # to mark the end of the word, like this:


3. Find the vowel marked <v> in each word. Then mark the next two letters after that vowel, either <v> or <c>. If you get to the end of the word before you get all three letters marked, use the tic-tac-toe sign to mark the end of the word. Then look at the words that end VC#. If the letter right in front of the vowel is a consonant, mark it <c>, as we have done with big:

bigcvc#likevbringvbegin vnation  vhide  vhid  vhop  vhope  vthenvmad   vmade  vcut  vcube  vuntil vmask   vadmit   vride vleft vthese   v

4. You should have found eight words with the pattern VCV and three words with VCC. You should also have found nine words with a different pattern. That new pattern is _______.

5. Now sort the words into this matrix. It has six squares in it, but don't let that bother you. It works just like the four-square ones. But be careful: There should be three squares still empty when you are done:

6. In the pattern VCV the first vowel is _______, but in the pattern VCC the vowel is _______. And in the pattern CVC# the vowel is also _______.

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