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3.23: The Suffix -s

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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The Suffix -s

1. Read the twelve phrases below. Be sure you know what each one means:

several chairsan airportthat elephantboth sidesone colormany showsthree uncleshis phoneall the plateseach yearsome songsall mothers

2. Now sort the phrases into these two groups:

3. Do the italicized words that do NOT end in <s> have the meaning “one” or do they have the meaning “more than one?”______.

4. Do the italicized words that DO end in <s> have the meaning “one” or “more than one?” ______.

5. An element is the smallest part of a written word that adds meaning to the word.

Write the letter of the correct definition in each of the three blanks:

A suffix is ______ (a) an element that carries the basic meaning of a word and can have other elements added to it.

A base is ______ (b) a base that can stand free by itself as a word.

A free base is ______ (c) an element that goes at the end of a word and cannot stand by itself as a word.

6. Each of the italicized words that ends in <s> has two elements: a free base and the suffix -s. For instance, chairs = chair + s

Chairs means “more than one chair.” If we take the -s away, the free base, chair means “one chair.”

Does the suffix -s add the meaning “one” or does it add the meaning “more than one”? ______

7. Here are the italicized words that end with <s>. Analyze each one into its free base and suffix:

Word = Free Base + Suffix
chairs = chair + s
plates = +
shows = +
uncles = +
songs = +
sides = +
mothers = +

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