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5.16: Another Vowel Pattern: Ve#

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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Another Vowel Pattern: Ve#

1. Mark the first vowel letter in each of the following words \begin{align*}‘\text{v}’\end{align*}. Then mark the next two letters either \begin{align*}‘\text{v}’\end{align*} or \begin{align*}‘\text{c}’\end{align*}. If you get to the end of the word before you reach the second letter after the vowel, use the tic-tac-toe sign, #:

\begin{align*}& \text{gyp} && \text{sue} && \text{center} && \text{human} \\ & \ \ \text{vc}\# \\ & \text{die} && \text{bottom} && \text{cages} && \text{put} \\ & \text{trip} && \text{tree} && \text{tricky} && \text{sniff} \\ & \text{tiny} && \text{tie} && \text{shoe} && \text{blinked} \\ & \text{frog} && \text{toe} && \text{joked} && \text{knock} \end{align*}

2. You should have found four different patterns of \begin{align*}\text{v’s}\end{align*} and \begin{align*}\text{c’s}\end{align*}:

Six words contain the pattern ______.

Six words contain the pattern ______.

Four words contain the pattern ______.

Four words contain the pattern ______.

3. In the pattern VCC is the vowel long or is it short? ______. In the pattern VC# the vowel is also ______. But in the pattern VCV the first vowel is ______.

4. In the words with the pattern VV# the second vowel is always the same letter. That letter is ______.

Because these words all have <e> for the second vowel, we can call the pattern the Ve# pattern.

5. Now sort the words into the following matrix:

6. In the VC# pattern the vowel is short, but in the Ve# pattern the first vowel is ______.

Word Find

This Find is shaped the way it is because it contains twenty-one words that all end in the pattern Ve#. As you find them, sort them into the boxes below. If you don’t find all twenty-one, do not fret too much, for some of them are tricky. If you get more than twelve, you have done well. If you get more than eighteen, you have done very well.

Among these words three spellings of [ē] in the pattern Ve# are ______, ______, and ______

Two spellings of [ī] in the pattern Ve# are ______ and ______.

Two spellings of [ū] in the pattern Ve# are ______ and ______.

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