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5.4: Review of Plural Nouns

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

Review of Plural Nouns

1. Does singular mean “one” or does it mean “more than one”?


2. Does plural mean “one” or does it mean “more than one”?


3. Do suffixes go at the front or at the back of words?


4. Does a plural suffix add the meaning “one” or the meaning “more than one”?


5. There are three things to remember when you Cbs-want to add plural suffixes to singular nouns:

i. with singular nouns that end with the sounds [s], [z], [ch], or [sh], you add the suffix -es;

ii. with singular nouns that end in the letter <y> with a consonant letter right in front of the <y>, you change the <y> to  <\text{i}> and add the suffix -es;

iii. but with other singular nouns you just add the suffix -s .

6. Here is a review of the noun plural suffixes -s and -es. Add whichever suffix is required for each of the following singular nouns and show any changes that take place:

Singular Noun + Plural Suffix = Plural Noun
evening + s = evenings
bunch + =
sky + =
strike + =
mix + =
fifty + =
doctor + =
array + =
company + =
exception + =

7. Now try some the other way around:

Plural Noun = Singular Noun + Plural Suffix
bunches = bunch + es
companies = +
presidents = +
finishes = +
displays = +
sentences = +
skies = +
problems = +
valleys = +
friends = +
searches = +
recesses = +

8. Be ready to discuss this question: When do we use the plural suffix -es?

Word Venn. This Venn is different from the one you did in the previous lesson because it has two circles that intersect, or overlap, one another. Inside circle A put only those singular nouns that use the suffix -es to form their plural. Inside circle B put only those singular nouns that end with the letter <y>.

What should you put inside the overlap area labeled ‘2’?




What kind of singular nouns should you put outside the circles in the area labeled ‘4’?




 &\text{fifty} \surd &&\text{mix} \surd&&\text{president} &&\text{sky}\\&\text{valley} \surd &&\text{search} &&\text{array} &&\text{evening}\\&\text{exception} \surd &&\text{display} &&\text{company} &&\text{recess}

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