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5.7: More About un-1 and un-2

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

More About un-^1 and un-^2

1. The two prefixes spelled <un> have different meanings:

In the word unable, un- means ________. We will call this prefix un-^1.

In the word unlock, un- means ________. We will call this prefix un-^2.

2. Sort the following words into the two groups below:

 &\text{unpack} &&\text{uncolored} &&\text{unfold} &&\text{unfriendly}\\&\text{unoriginal} &&\text{untie} &&\text{unlock} &&\text{unclear}\\&\text{unbutton} &&\text{unobliged} &&\text{unnoticed} &&\text{unwaxed}\\&\text{unworried} &&\text{unlicensed} &&\text{unlined} &&\text{unwrapping}

3. Not every word that starts with the letters <un> contains a prefix un-. Read the following words and then sort them into the two groups below:

 &\text{understand} &&\text{units} &&\text{untie} &&\text{unbutton}\\&\text{unannounced} &&\text{undoing} &&\text{universe} &&\text{union}\\&\text{unarmed} &&\text{unchallenging} &&\text{untruth} &&\text{unable}

4. Be ready to explain how you identified the words that do not contain a prefix un-.

Word Squares

& \text{undo} && \text{unbar} && \text{unlock} && \text{unclear} && \text{uncolored}\\&&& \text{uncut} && \text{unsung} && \text{unheard} && \text{untouched}\\&&& \text{undid} && \text{untrue}\\&&& \text{untie}

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