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6.13: Lesson Thirty-seven

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Soft <g> and Hard <g>

1. You’ve seen that a soft <c> spells the sound [s], as in acid, and that a hard <c> spells the sound [k], as in actor. You've also seen that a soft <c> has to have either an <e>, <\text{i}>, or <y> right after it.

The letter <g> sometimes spells the sound [j] as in gem, and it sometimes spells the sound [g] as in gum. When it spells the [j] sound, it is called soft <g>. When it spells the [g] sound, it is called hard <g>.

2. Pronounce each of the following words. Pay special attention to the sounds being spelled by the <g> in each of them. Sort the words into the matrix:

& \text {agent}&& \text {ignorance}&& \text {agriculture}&& \text {college}&& \text {angel}\\& \text {recognize}&& \text {grower}&& \text {gypped}&& \text {digest}&& \text {angle}\\& \text {argue}&& \text {genies}&& \text {intelligence}&& \text {disgusted}&& \text {regret}\\& \text {sergeant}&& \text {discharge}&& \text {glimpse}&& \text {goddess}&& \text {legislator}\\& \text {challenge}&& \text {gleamed}&& \text {twig}&& \text {biology}&& \text {frog}

3. You should have found that the letter <g> spells the [j] sound only when it has one of three letters right after it. The three letters are _______, _______, and _______.

The letter <g> is called soft <g> when it spells the sound ______.

A soft <g> always has one of three letters right after it: _______, _______, or _______.

4. Soft <g> always will have <e>, <\text{i}>, or <y> after it. But not every <g> that has one of these three letters after it is a soft <g>! Look at these words, with hard <g>s where we'd expect soft ones: get, together, hunger, give, and girl.

So we can't say that any <g> with <e>, <\text{i}>, or <y> after it will be soft. But we can say that any soft <g> will have <e>, <\text{i}>, or <y> after it.

5. The letter <c> is soft when it has the letters _______, _______, or _______ after it. The soft <c> spells the sound _______.

6. Soft <c> and <g> always have the letters _______, _______, or _______ after them.

7. Combine these free stems and suffixes. Watch for cases of twinning and final <e> deletion:

Free Stem + Suffix = Word
god + ess =
biologist + s =
disgust + ing =
gold + en =
gyp + ing =
intelligent + ly =
legislate + or =
ignore + ance =

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