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6.17: Deleting Silent Final < e > in Longer Words

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Deleting Silent Final <e> in Longer Words

1. You have seen that a silent final <e> marks the vowel in front of it as long only if that vowel has strong stress. So the final <e> in a word like engine does not mark the \begin{align*}<\text{i}>\end{align*}<i> in front of it as long. But this is no problem for learning to delete silent final <e>:

A silent final <e> that does not mark a long vowel because the vowel has weak stress is deleted exactly like a silent final <e> that does mark a long vowel.

Analyze each word into its free stem and suffix. Replace any final <e>’s that have been deleted. Write ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in the right hand column:

Word = Free Stem + Suffix Was final <e> deleted?
climatic = climat\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*}e + ic Yes
required = +
practicing = +
cultured = +
serviced = +
surfacing = +

2. Here are some to do the other way around. Combine the free stems and suffixes. Watch out for free stems that end with soft <c> or soft <g>.

Free Stem + Suffix = New Word Was a final <e> deleted?
remot\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*}e + est = remotest Yes
manage + er =
active + ist =
office + er =
manage + able =
active + ly =
courage + ous =
orange + y =
culture + al =
examine + er =
passage + s =
agriculture + al =
package + ed =
practice + es =
notice + able =
service + ing =
encourage + ing =
notice + ed =
license + es =

3. Now we can make our Silent Final <e> Deletion Rule more simple and strong:

Silent Final <e> Deletion Rule. You delete a silent final <e> that marks a __________ or a __________ when you add a suffix that starts with _____, _____, or _____;

you delete any other silent final <e> whenever you add a suffix that starts with ____________.

Word Pyramids. Every word in this flat-topped Pyramid must contain a soft <c> or a soft <g>:

Every word in this Pyramid must contain a soft <c>:

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