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6.20: Lesson Forty-four

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More About Bound Stems

1. In many words, when you take away the prefix, you have a bound stem left. Knowing that can make it easier to recognize prefixes like dis- and re-.

2. For instance, all of the following words contain either re- or dis-, plus a bound stem that consists of just a bound base and nothing else. Analyze each one into its prefix and bound stem:

Word = Prefix + Bound Stem
require = +
accept = +
promote = +
disgust = +
recess = +
dispute = +

3. Many words contain a prefix plus a bound stem that includes more than the base. Take the prefix away from each of the following words and see the bound stem that is left over:

Word = Prefix + Bound Stem
deducing = de + ducing
inspector = +
perceptive = +
demoted = +
induced = +
prospector = +
disputing = +
promotes = +
requires = +
receptor = +

4. True or false:

  1. A stem is the part of the word that is left when you take away a prefix or suffix. ________
  2. A free stem can stand free as a word. ________
  3. A bound stem cannot stand free as a word. ________
  4. Some stems contain a base plus one or more prefixes or suffixes. ________
  5. Some stems contain only a base. ________

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