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6.7: More Practice with the VCC and VCV Patterns

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1. In words that contain the VCC pattern, the vowel is ________. In words that contain the VCV pattern, the first vowel is ________.

2. In each of the following words find the vowel letter that is spelling the vowel sound with strong stress. Mark it with a `\text{v}'. Then mark the two letters after that vowel either `\text{v}' or `\text{c}':

& \text {tricky}&& \text {union}&& \text {hundred}&& \text {decide}\\\\& \text {tiny}&& \text {issue}&& \text {interest}&& \text {method}\\\\& \text {quote}&& \text {attacked}&& \text {remote}&& \text {climate}\\\\& \text {evening}&& \text {fifty}&& \text {mission}&& \text {mister}

3. Sort the sixteen words into this matrix:

4. In the pattern _________ the vowel is short, and in the pattern _________ the first vowel is long.

Word Scrambles

The words that are scrambled up in this puzzle all contain either the VCC or the VCV pattern. To help you, we've marked the VCC or VCV pattern in each one:

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