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7.11: The Prefix Ad-

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The Prefix Ad-

1. Many of our words come from Latin, the language spoken by the ancient Romans. Many of these old Latin words contain a prefix that was at first spelled <ad> and meant “to, toward.”

In some words the [d] in the prefix ad- has changed to a different sound, and the <d> has been replaced by a different letter.

We can divide adventure into its prefix and stem like this: ad + venture.

And we could divide appoint into its prefix and stem like this: ap + point. But the <ap> in appoint is really a changed form of the prefix ad-. The <d> has been replaced with a \begin{align*}<\text{p}>\end{align*}: a\begin{align*}\cancel{d}\end{align*} + p + point.

The <d> in ad- is deleted, and a \begin{align*}<\text{p}>\end{align*} is put in its place.

In adventure, we add the prefix and the stem together by simple addition. But in the word appoint we replace the <d> in the prefix with a \begin{align*}<\text{p}>\end{align*}.

2. Each of the following words begins with some form of the prefix ad-. Sometimes the <d> has stayed <d>. Sometimes it has been replaced by another letter. Analyze each word into its prefix and its stem the way we did with adventure and appoint. If the <d> has been replaced with a different letter, show that change in your analysis.

Words = Prefix + Stem
adventure = ad + venture
appoint = a\begin{align*}\cancel{d}\end{align*} + p + point
approve = +
adverb = +
apply = +
acclaim = +
adjust = +
account = +
attack = +
advantage = +
allow = +
advertise = +
assist = +
attend = +

3. Now sort the words in the Words column into these two groups:

Word Venn. In circle A put only words that contain some form of the prefix ad-. In circle B put only words that contain the prefix re-. In circle C put only words that contain the prefix un-.

\begin{align*}&\text{appoint} && \text{readjust} && \text{unapproved}\\ &\text{unreceptive} && \text{unreassuring} && \text{unclaimed}\\ &\text{unjust} && \text{unassisted} && \text{unregretted}\\ &\text{realize} && \text{reclaimed} && \text{universe}\\ &\text{acclaimed} && \text{readmitted} && \text{receiving}\end{align*}

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