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7.18: Sometimes Silent Final < e > Does Two Jobs at Once

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

Sometimes Silent Final <e> Does Two Jobs at Once

1. A silent final <e> marks a preceding vowel as ______, a preceding <c> or <g> as ______, and a preceding <th> as ______.

2. You may have noticed that a silent final <e> can sometimes mark a long vowel and a soft or voiced consonant sound at the same time. Pronounce each of the following words and sort them into the matrix:

&\text{twig} && \text{rage} && \text{twice} && \text{picnic}\\&\text{unlace} && \text{zinc} && \text{hug} && \text{engage}\\&\text{artistic} && \text{advice} && \text{attic} && \text{oblige}\\&\text{zenith} && \text{scythe} && \text{cloth} && \text{clothe}\\&\text{bath} && \text{bathe} && \text{stag} && \text{stage}

3. List the words in which silent final <e> marks a long vowel and also marks a voiced <th> or a soft <c> or a soft <g>:

4. In some of the following words the final <e> marks a long vowel and in some it does not. Sort the words into the matrixes:

&\text{expensive} && \text{tongue} && \text{reserve} && \text{argue}\\&\text{produce} && \text{necklace} && \text{advantage} && \text{engage}\\&\text{voyage} && \text{enrage} && \text{suppose} && \text{clause}\\&\text{glimpse} && \text{oppose} && \text{baptize} && \text{bronze}\\&\text{analyze} && \text{worse} && \text{lettuce} && \text{gauze}\\&\text{unlace} && \text{tithe} && \text{scythe} && \text{specialize}\\&\text{arrive} && \text{statue} && \text{mosque} && \text{remove}

5. In five of the words in Item 4 the final <e> does not mark a long vowel because the vowel is not stressed. Those five words are:

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