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7.2: Review of Long and Short Vowel Patterns

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Review of Long and Short Vowel Patterns

1. In each of the following words one of the vowels is marked v. You are to mark the two letters after that vowel either v or c. If you get to the end of the word before you have marked two more letters, use the tic-tac-toe sign to mark the end of the word. Any cases of VV# should be marked Ve#, as we have done with agree. In words that end VC#, mark the letter in front of the v either v or c:

agreeve#chaptervdispute veveningvsubduevbrokenvrace vvacation vextremevhug  vcombat vtiptoe  vforgot  vequip vwhispervpermit vstubbornvcanoe vaspirin vsymptom v

2. Now sort the words into this matrix. This matrix has eight squares rather than the regular four, but don't let that bother you. It works just like the smaller ones:

3. In the patterns _____________ and _____________ the vowel will usually be short, and in the patterns _____________ and _____________ the first vowel will usually be long.

Word Squares. Fit these ten words into the Squares. To help you, we have marked the VCV, VCC, VC#, and Ve# strings in each of the ten words:


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