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7.2: Review of Long and Short Vowel Patterns

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Review of Long and Short Vowel Patterns

1. In each of the following words one of the vowels is marked ‘\text{v}’. You are to mark the two letters after that vowel either ‘\text{v}’ or ‘\text{c}’. If you get to the end of the word before you have marked two more letters, use the tic-tac-toe sign to mark the end of the word. Any cases of VV# should be marked Ve#, as we have done with agree. In words that end VC#, mark the letter in front of the ‘\text{v}’ either ‘\text{v}’ or ‘\text{c}’:

&\text{agree} && \text{subdue} && \text{extreme} && \text{forgot} && \text{stubborn} \\&\quad \text{v}e \# && \qquad \text{v} && \qquad \text{v} && \quad \ \ \text{v} && \quad \text{v}\\&\text{chapter} && \text{broken} && \text{hug} && \text{equip} && \text{canoe} \\&\quad \text{v} && \quad \text{v} && \ \ \text{v} && \quad \ \text{v} && \quad \ \text{v}\\&\text{dispute} && \text{race} && \text{combat} && \text{whisper} && \text{aspirin}\\&\quad \ \text{v} && \ \text{v} && \qquad \ \text{v} && \quad \text{v} && \ \text{v}\\&\text{evening} && \text{vacation} && \text{tiptoe} && \text{permit} && \text{symptom}\\ &\text{v} && \quad \ \text{v} && \quad \ \ \text{v} && \qquad \ \text{v} && \ \text{v}\\

2. Now sort the words into this matrix. This matrix has eight squares rather than the regular four, but don't let that bother you. It works just like the smaller ones:

3. In the patterns _____________ and _____________ the vowel will usually be short, and in the patterns _____________ and _____________ the first vowel will usually be long.

Word Squares. Fit these ten words into the Squares. To help you, we have marked the VCV, VCC, VC#, and Ve# strings in each of the ten words:

&\text{agree} && \text{dispute} && \text{correct} && \text{success} && \text{submit}\\&\text{assistant} && \text{evening} && \text{striking} && \text{continue} && \text{die}

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