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7.5: The Suffix -ize

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The Suffix -ize

1. The suffix -ize turns stems into verbs. The suffix -ize is related to -ist in a special way:

Noun or Adjective Noun Verb
capital capitalist capitalize
vocal vocalist vocalize
ideal idealist idealize

Many stems that add -ist to make a noun also add -ize to make a verb.

2. Analyze each of the following words into its shortest free stem plus suffix or suffixes. Show any changes.

Word = Free Stem + Suffix or Suffixes
rationalized = ration + al + iz\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ed
rationalists = +
vaporizer = +
criticizing = +
capitalists = +
capitalize = +
naturalized = +
naturalists = +
itemizing = +
realizing = +
realist = +
characterizes = +
civilized = +
victimize = +
formalized = +
specialize = +

3. Proofreading Quiz. The nine words in bold type in the following two paragraphs are misspelled. Find the mistakes and write in the correct spelling of each one:

a. The words gyp, gypsy, and Egypt are all related to one another historicaly. The word Egypt came first. It is a very old word that goes back to ancient Egyptian times. Then, five hunderd years ago when a lot of dark-skined people moved into Europe from Asia, many thought them to be from Egyp, so they were called gypsies. Then because many thought that gypsies often cheated people, their name was shortened to stand for a certain kind of cheat: a gyp. Many people thought that gypsies gyped people.

b. The Greeks believed that there were nine goddesses who were in charge of the arts. These nine artistick godesses were called muses. If you add the suffix -ic to the word muse, you get music: mus\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + ic = music. Music is the art of the muses. The same base muse is also in the word museum: mus\begin{align*}\cancel{e}\end{align*} + eum =museum. A museum was a place for the muses. So when you attend musicall concert or look at an exhibit in an art museum, you can thank the nine Greke muses.

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