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7.7: The Diphthong [oi]

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The Diphthong [oi]

1. You can hear the diphthong [oi] in spoil and joy. It sounds like a short <o> run together with a short . The sound [oi] is spelled either <oi> or <oy>. Underline the letters that spell [oi] in each of the following words:

2. Sort the sixteen words into these two groups:

Words in which [oi] is spelled . . .

3. Here are some words that contain the diphthong [oi]. They have been analyzed into their elements. Look at each carefully and notice whether the [oi] sound is at the front, in the middle, or at the end of its element:

4. Now sort the twenty words into the matrix, as we have done with enjoyment.

5. How Do You Spell [oi]? When the sound [oi] comes at the very end of an element, it is spelled _______; everywhere else it is spelled _______.

Word Venn. In circle A put only words that contain the sound [o]. In circle B put only words that contain the sound [oi]. In circle C put only words that contain the sound [z]:

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