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7.7: The Diphthong [oi]

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

The Diphthong [oi]

1. You can hear the diphthong [oi] in spoil and joy. It sounds like a short <o> run together with a short <\text{i}>. The sound [oi] is spelled either <oi> or <oy>. Underline the letters that spell [oi] in each of the following words:

&\text{enjoy} && \text{moisten} && \text{toilet} && \text{soiled}\\&\text{joys} && \text{pointed} && \text{royal} && \text{loyalty}\\&\text{oil} && \text{boil} && \text{voyage} && \text{poison}\\&\text{toying} && \text{coin} && \text{voice} && \text{destroy}

2. Sort the sixteen words into these two groups:

Words in which [oi] is spelled . . .

3. Here are some words that contain the diphthong [oi]. They have been analyzed into their elements. Look at each carefully and notice whether the [oi] sound is at the front, in the middle, or at the end of its element:

&\text{en}+\text{joy}+\text{ment} && \text{join}+\text{ing} && \text{toil}+ \text{et} && \text{ap}+ \text{point}+ \text{ment}\\&\text{joy}+ \text{ful}+ \text{ly} && \text{choice}+ \text{s} && \text{roy}+ \text{al} && \text{de}+ \text{stroy}+ \text{er}\\&\text{boil} && \text{oil}+ \text{y} && \text{voy}+ \text{age} && \text{spoil}+ \text{ed}\\&\text{boy}+ \text{'s} && \text{coin} && \text{point}+ \text{less} && \text{a}+ \text{void}\\&\text{un}+ \text{soil}+ \text{ed} && \text{voice}+ \text{less}+\text{ly} && \text{loy}+ \text{al}+ \text{ty} && \text{poison}

4. Now sort the twenty words into the matrix, as we have done with enjoyment.

5. How Do You Spell [oi]? When the sound [oi] comes at the very end of an element, it is spelled _______; everywhere else it is spelled _______.

Word Venn. In circle A put only words that contain the sound [o\dot{\text{u}}]. In circle B put only words that contain the sound [oi]. In circle C put only words that contain the sound [z]:

&\text{amounts} && \text{voices} && \text{toilets}\\ & \text{outpointed} && \text{allowance} && \text{houseboy}\\& \text{appointments} && \text{specialize} && \text{coins}\\& \text{cowboys} && \text{bicyclist} && \text{journals}\\& \text{vowels} && \text{purest} && \text{thousands}

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