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8.13: Lesson Thirty-seven

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The Prefix Ob-

1. You have seen that when certain prefixes are added to certain stems, the last consonant in the prefix assimilates. In each of the following words, the first two letters are some form of the prefix ob-. Analyze each word to show what happened when the prefix ob- was added to the stem:

Word = Prefix + Stem
opposite = +
object = +
observe = +
occupy = +
offer = +
obtain = +
opportunity = +
occur = +
obstacle = +
occupation = +
obvious = +
oppose = +
oblige = +
occasion = +
offense = +

2. Now sort the twelve words into these two groups:

3. Now sort the nine words in which the <\text{b}> assimilated into these three groups:

Word Spell. How many words of three letters or more can you spell from the letters in the word opportunity? There are more than a hundred possible ones.

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