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8.15: How Do You Spell [p]?

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

How Do You Spell [p]?

1. You can hear the sound [p] at the beginning and end of the word pop. Underline the letters that spell [p] in the following words:

&\text{accompany} && \text{poison} && \text{equipment} && \text{syrup}\\&\text{supply} && \text{approved} && \text{support} && \text{preferred}\\&\text{purple} && \text{sleep} && \text{independent} && \text{wrapper}\\&\text{improve} && \text{attempted} && \text{worship} && \text{stepparent}\\&\text{pattern} && \text{occupy} && \text{accomplish} && \text{opposite}

2. Sort the twenty words into these three groups:

3. You should have found two ways to spell [p]: _____ and _____.

4. Does the spelling <pp> come at the front of any of these words? _____

How is [p] spelled at the front of words? _____. Does the <pp> spelling come at the end of any of these words? _____. How is [p] spelled at the end of words? _____.

5. More than nine times out of ten [p] is spelled <\text{p}>. Very nearly all of the other times it is spelled <pp>. So the sound [p] is spelled <\text{p}> or <pp> nearly 100\% of the time. The next lesson will deal with when and why [p] is spelled <pp>.

Word Find. This Word Find contains fifteen words that contain the spelling <pp>:

&\text{supply} && \text{support} && \text{lamppost} && \text{snapped} && \text{kidnapper}\\&\text{wrapper} && \text{approach} && \text{tipping} && \text{approach} && \text{stepparent}\\&\text{opposite} && \text{appeal} && \text{oppose} && \text{opportunity} && \text{oppress}

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