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8.16: When is [p] Spelled < pp >?

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

When is [p] Spelled <pp>?

1. You have seen that a double consonant, like <pp>, can be caused by one of these reasons: simple addition, twinning, or assimilation:

A <pp> is caused by simple addition when an element that ends with a <\text{p}> joins another element that starts with <\text{p}>: lamp + post = lamppost

Sometimes <pp> is caused by twinning: tip + p + ing = tipping

Some cases of <pp> are caused by the assimilation of the prefixes ad-, sub, or ob- in front of stems that start with a <\text{p}>: a\cancel{d} + p + peal = appeal

2. Each of the following words contains a <pp> because of one of the three reasons just given. Analyze each word enough to show whether the <pp> was caused by simple addition, twinning, or assimilation. Write the cause in the right column:

Word = Analysis Reason for <pp>
lamppost = lamp + post Simple addition
appears =
tipping =
wrapper =
suppose =
oppose =
snapped =
approaches =
opportunity =
supply =
apply =
slipper =
oppress =
suppress =
stepparent =
unwrapped =
opposite =
support =
kidnapping =

3. Think of another word that contains the spelling <pp> for each of the following reasons. Then analyze each word:

Reason Word Analysis
Simple Addition

4. Three reasons for spelling [p] <pp> are . . .

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