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8.2: More Practice with [t] Spelled < tt >

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

More Practice with [t] Spelled <\text{tt}>

1. The following words all contain the sound [t] spelled <\text{tt}> because of either simple addition, twinning, or assimilation. Analyze each word to show where the two <t>'s come from:

Word = Analysis Reason
regretting = re + gret + t + ing Twinning
attractive =
quitter =
attendance =
outtake =
attempted =
committee =
attends =
cattails =
submitting =
regretted =
fatter =
attention =
rattrap =
fattiest =

2. Mark the VCV or VCC patterns for the first vowel in each of the following words and fill in the blanks, as we have done for later and latter.

Word #1 Is the vowel in front of the <t> long or short? Word #2 Is the vowel in front of the <\text{tt}> long or short?






writer written
cuter cutter
biter bitter
fated fattest
hating hatter
Peter petting
motor otter

Word Find. This find contains the following twenty words that all have [t] spelled <\text{tt}>.

&\text{attack} && \text{critter} && \text{flutter} && \text{motto} && \text{putty}\\&\text{attic} && \text{ditto} && \text{ghetto} && \text{otter} && \text{regatta}\\&\text{bottom} && \text{ditty} && \text{lettuce} && \text{pattern} && \text{tattoo}\\&\text{cotton} && \text{flattery} && \text{matter} && \text{petty} && \text{utter}

In nineteen of the words the <\text{tt}> is due to the VCC pattern. In one word it is due to assimilation. Which word is that? ________________________

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