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8.2: More Practice with [t] Spelled <tt>

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More Practice with [t] Spelled

1. The following words all contain the sound [t] spelled because of either simple addition, twinning, or assimilation. Analyze each word to show where the two <t>'s come from:

Word = Analysis Reason
regretting = re + gret + t + ing Twinning
attractive =
quitter =
attendance =
outtake =
attempted =
committee =
attends =
cattails =
submitting =
regretted =
fatter =
attention =
rattrap =
fattiest =

2. Mark the VCV or VCC patterns for the first vowel in each of the following words and fill in the blanks, as we have done for later and latter.

Word #1 Is the vowel in front of the <t> long or short? Word #2 Is the vowel in front of the long or short?






writer written
cuter cutter
biter bitter
fated fattest
hating hatter
Peter petting
motor otter

Word Find. This find contains the following twenty words that all have [t] spelled .

In nineteen of the words the is due to the VCC pattern. In one word it is due to assimilation. Which word is that? ________________________

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