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8.22: Review

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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1. Below you are given some words. For each word you are given a spelling feature – either the spelling of one of the sounds in the word or the presence of a silent final <e>. In the right hand column you should fill in the reason for the spelling feature – that is, the pattern or change that explains why the sound is spelled the way it is or the function of the silent final <e> in the word:

Word Spelling Feature Reason
example [p] = <p> VCCle pattern
immediate [m] = <mm>
knotty [t] = <tt>
immense Silent final <e>
shuttle [t] = <tt>
attempted [t] = <tt>
occurred [r] = <rr>
kidnapped [p] = <pp>
supporting [p] = <pp>
lose Silent final <e>
subscribe Silent final <e>
maple Silent final <e>

2. Analyze each of the following words into its elements according to the formula you are given for each one. ‘Pr’ = ‘Prefix,’ ‘FrSt’ = ‘Free Stem,’ ‘BndSt’ = ‘Bound Stem,’ and ‘Su’ = ‘Suffix.’ Remember that some stems consist of just a base. Be sure to show any changes that occur:

Word Formula Analysis
unfriendly Pr + FrSt + Su un + friend + ly
thoughtful FrSt + Su
unimpressive Pr1 + Pr2 + FrSt + Su
obtained Pr + BndSt + Su
rightfully FrSt + Su1 + Su2
indebted Pr + FrSt + Su
involved Pr + BndSt + Su
sufferers Pr + BndSt + Su1 + Su2
suffocate Pr + BndSt + Su
reappeared Pr1 + Pr2 + BndSt + Su
disputing Pr + BndSt + Su
sleepiest FrSt + Su1 + Su2

3. Combine the following elements into words. Be sure to show any changes that occur:

Elements Word
dis + ad + vantage + ed
in + de + pend + ence
in + sist + ed
in + sub + fice + ient
un + wrap + ed
ad + sign + ment + s
in + sign + i + fic + ant
sub + gest + ion + s
ear + ly + est
ob + case + ion + al
de + light + ful + ly
in + lustr + ate + ion

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